Meet the Magik Spells! A mini doc by Nick Saik Productions

“Was late into the set when I arrived. A sonic wall of f**king radness made my eardrums stand alert immediately. Just watched these dudes kill it for 5 tunes including one extended jam out that was easily album worthy. If they can put that kind of s*** in a free jam they clearly have no shortage of badass riffs and hooks for album material. Will be back tomorrow, gentlemen. You’ve got something special brewing here…”
— Johnny Hunter - Journalist
“...definitely an act your going to want to check out. Their music is a blend of all kinds of things, they don’t know any musical limitations that I could see, so in terms of does it have something for you? This is music that has something for everybody”...
— Jeremy Gladstone - Sleeping Bag Studios
“.......Magik Spells have as if by some form of wizardry fused the funk style drumming of Joel Macleod with the metalesque technical style of Jason Stashko and the dreamlike psychedelic melodies of Jake Layden into a “groove monster”. Part of the reason for their huge sound is the fact that both Stashko and Layden take turns playing bass and guitar, keeping their sets fresh and the audience on their toes “When you have defined roles in a band, especially a three piece it limits the possibilities. Jason plays guitar totally different than me and I play bass totally different than Jason” commented Layden “when we switch we are just multiplying the dimensions” Despite the fact that their musical styles differ one thing the three have in common is their musical range, drawing inspiration from artists like The Beatles to Bassnectar and everywhere in between and beyond....”
— MTT Music